To Kill a Mockingbird

How does the title tie in with the book seeing as its a sin to kill a Mockingbird and all the Racism and Feminism going on?

I am required to read this in my English class, even though I already read 5 times by choice, and I have my own copy. I never understood how the title ties in with the books plot. I need to know this for the final, too. So, I would really like some help.

Thank You for you help,

Mercedes Ann <3

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The title directly relates the novel's themes to the reader. Although racism is a prevalent theme, I don't see feminism present in the same way. Only a brief mention of women serving on juries and Aunt Alexandra's insistence that Scout learn to be a lady speak to the theme of feminism. The mockingbird and its symbolism of innocence is a major theme of the novel, as out entire story revolves around hurting or killing things or people that do nothing more than bring beauty and happiness to our world.

To Kill a Mockingbird