To Kill a Mockingbird

How does Calpurnia's teachings help Scout?

Cal sort of teaches Scout the fundaments of being a young lady. How does her teachings help Scout? Who else helps Scout realize that she needs to become a young lady?

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Calpurnia serves a mother figure to Scout. Although Scout complains about Cal's firm discipline near the beginning of the story, we come to see there is much more going on between Calpurnia and Scout. Atticus, who is about the most reliable protagonist around, trusts Calpurnia enough to help him raise his kids. Calpurnia becomes a link to the other side of Maycomb that white children seldom see. Calpurnia brings Scout and Jem, as if they are her own kids, to a black church. She speaks her mind and tells Scout when she needs to smarten up. At one point in the story she admonishes Scout for disrespecting her houseguest Walter Cunningham. Calpurnia represents a strong role model for Scout: she is a woman of color who carries herself with pride and dignity. As Scout matures we begin to see a gentle nurturing from Calpurnia that contributes to Scout's overall personality.