To Kill a Mockingbird

Help please, paragraph question

I cant think of anything to write for these questions to make a paragraph...

What was the story about? Did it focus in on a person or family? if so, who were they and why were they so important in the story? How did this story affect others?

im stuck please help !!!

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These sound like generic questions applicable to any story or novel or play. If you read the novel, you should be able to answer them.

To explain what a novel is about, don't tell who, tell something abstract. Instead of "It's about a girl whose dad is a lawyer...." Say it's about racism or tradition or judgmentalism or parenting or education or some other concept that Harper Lee is trying to get across.

The other questions should be obvious if you actually opened the book.

Write your own opinions. Do you think the story is more about individuals (Scout, Jem, Mayella, Arthur, Tom, Atticus) or about the Finch family and the Radley family and the Ewell family?

I don't understand what the last question is asking. Does your instructor want you to explain how this novel affected other novels? Or how one character's story affects other characters' stories? For example, how does Mrs. Dubose's story affect Scout's view of what Atticus is doing by defending a black man whom he knows will be convicted?