To Kill a Mockingbird


i already read the book and i still cant figure out these questions

Why does Scout punch Jem in the mouth?

What is the one piece of evidence missing that might have proved Mayella had been raped?

Why do Scout and Dill leave the courthouse?

When the jury returns, what does Scout observe about them?

What happened to the first woman that Dolphus Raymond was going to marry?

Why does Scout kick the man in the mob?

Who stands up in court and makes a scene about Tom Robinson and then is told by the judge to shut his mouth?

What does Atticus do to show that Bob Ewell is left-handed?

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Are you sure your first question is correct? I think the question you meant to ask is why Scout punches their cousin Francis in the mouth. Scout does that after Francis calls Atticus a "nigger-lover."

As for the last question, Atticus makes Mr. Ewell prove he can write by writing his name on the back of an envelope. Since he uses his left hand, that proves he is left-handed.

The missing evidence is a doctor's examination.