To Kill a Mockingbird

Heck Tate'f Final Decision; Moral or Not?

in the last chapters of this FABULOUS book, Heck Tate decides not to reveal that boo killed mr ewell. do you guys think that this was ok or not. personally, i agree with what he did because boo saved scout and jems lives. its not fair to him to put him at the center of attention when he was protecting the two people who ment the most to him

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i am totally happy and satisfied with heck tate's decision.

lee'S decision to let boo go scot free was simply fabulous.

ewell truly deserved to die for the ultimate coward he was!

althougH this shows the prejudice blacks face.. the book results in

the subsequent "baby step" of good over evil. lee is wise in not

creating a situation such that a happily ever after situation occurs.

instead the mockingbird and the true villain and coward dies.

to kill a mockingbird is just YUMMY!!!!!!!

Moral or not . . . this is THE big question in the novel.

uhhh...I think there is quite a serious misconception here.

Firstly, we cant go on killing people even though they've done wrong. The law is suppose to deal with this. Ewell deserved to die but we would be wrong to murder him as well. Try doing what Boo did and telling the court you did it for the good of others, you will still be convicted

The point should be that Boo did it to save the children, it was almost necessary.

There is no clear cut right or wrong thing. Like what Coco says, Heck Tate's decision is understandable. Maycomb is a small town which has a small town mentality, which can thus bend the laws sometimes but i think in our society, its not wise to inflict harm on others because they've done great wrong

cheers, I agree that we canot go around taking justice into our own hands.

I believe he made the correct decision. People already thought of Arthur being a bad person. Jem, Scout, and Atticus already saw that Arthur Radley is a nice person. If this information went out it would cause more conflict in Maycomb. That’s why I believe Mr. Heck Tate chose to stay with the story he made up.