To Kill a Mockingbird


Do you think there will ever be a new film made of this novel?

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I think there should be a new film for TKAM. Although I don't know where they will find another actor to play Atticus. But i don't think htey casted very well on Jem and Scout, but that's just me. Also, I don't think they acted like how it showed in the book. Jem cared a lot for Scout in the book, but in the movie i think he was a little farther and not loving enough, but they were just kids so...

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I dont think they will make a movie out of the book(again) because of the obvouis reasons stated above but also because we are so politcaly corect right now that people are probobly afaid to make a new movie for fear of public response

robert, this whole book is politically correct, in its way. Harper Lee is saying we can't judge by color. We need to accept (or reject) people based on their individual choices instead of their race. What could be more politically correct than that?

Anyone who cries about the use of the "n" word in this novel (and hence the film) simply doesn't get it. Atticus Finch forbids the word and teaches his children to treat everyone fairly. THAT is political correctness.

Despite this, I agree that another film will not be attempted. Newer film versions are seldom up to the quality of originals. I have never seen a remake that I liked. Example: the 1963 Lord of the Flies is magnificent, but the American remake is a disaster.