To Kill a Mockingbird

Explain Maycom's significance to the major events in the novel. How does Maycomb shape the people and events Is Maycomb changed at the end of the novel? How? I just need a simple outline for my essay. please help me.

this is like 3 questions in 1 big question. lol help

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I can give you some notes to consider but ideally you should submit these questions separately.

-Maycomb is the fictional small town in Alabama. During perhaps the 1930's.

-Racial stereotypes, segregation, and malicious attacks tacks on blacks was the norm.

-Scout and Jem live relatively secure lives in this small town but discover the town, like many small Southern towns, still have the remnants of the pre-Civil War era. The town is very insular and detached from the more progressive North. They do, however, have Atticus Finch which gives them some hope of progressing past their own ignorance.

_ I think the town has not changed but the seeds of change have been laid by the end of the story. Although most White people are not shedding tears for Tom Robinson, they at least know the truth. Tom was innocent and Bob Ewell was culpable for unspeakable crimes.The truth has a way of surfacing over time and Atticus had showed them the way.