To Kill a Mockingbird


I nedd to wrtie an essay about atticus as a dad as a human and etc Plz Help

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I would advise looking at the challenges Atticus faces as a single parent raising two curious and intellingent children. He is able to sustain their respect despite appearing 'old' to his children. They are used to his gentleness and tireless reasoning against violence, but are happily surprised by his ability to despatch the rabid dog as 'one-shot Finch'.

Atticus has and maintains the respect of the community as he is a fair and reasonable lawyer. He allows the Cunninghams to pay him in produce as times are hard. He takes on the defence of Tom Robinson though the outcome of the trial is decided before any evidence is presented. Atticus does an excellent job in presenting the evidence to show that Tom is indeed innocent. His strong sense of justice is rewarded by the standing ovation he is given at the end of the trial by the black community.

Atticus is a man of clear principal, inimpeachable values and gentle honesty.