To Kill a Mockingbird

essay for school

hey im in 9th grade i need help.. heres the thesis statement..

Jem is the character in To Kill a Mockingbird who is most courageous because they put courage as pride, peak in Radly house, destroy Mrs.Durbrose Camelias.

i dont know wehre to find quotes for these to support the fact that Jem is most courageous


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The fact that you cant find any supporting facts should be an huge clue that your wrong. Change your entire thesis statement because Jems not the most couragous character in the book. Think about it a white guy defending a black man charged with the rape of a white girl in the deep south back befor the 1960's, and you choose a character who peeked in a window and killed flowers. DUH!!!

I agree with Rachel. Jem THINKS he is brave, but Atticus carefully teachees him otherwise. Look at the end of the chapter in which Mrs. Dubose dies. Atticus explains that he made Jem read to her so that he could come to understand that courage is more than a man with a gun.

At the end of the novel, Scout thinks back to haints and the Radley house and shakes her head at how foolish the children were "back then." If you don't want to write about Atticus's courage, think about Scout: she stands up to Mr. Cunningham at the jail, and she allows herself to be seen in public with "Boo" Radley.