To Kill a Mockingbird


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Providing Protection

To Kill a Mockingbird is the only book written by Harper Lee, set in the time of the great depression. Heck Tate, the sheriff of Maycomb county, and Atticus Finch, a father and a lawyer, both lied about the facts of a white man’s death, Bob Ewell. The real reason he died was, he was going after Scout and Jem, Atticus's kids, and Boo Radley killed him with a knife. Heck Tate and Atticus’s story was that he fell on his knife. They did lie, but they acted properly by protecting others. They did it to protect Boo, Tate thought there was more justice that way, and they were also protecting Jem. They were looking out for others.

Kindly, the sheriff and Atticus were looking out for Boo Radley, a black man, when they said that Bob fell on his knife. Boo never went out in public, he stayed in his house all the time. Being so shy, they felt it would be a horrible idea to expose Radley to court. Since Boo was black, they thought that they would treat him way differently than a white person, just as they did Tom Robison, another black man. I think Heck Tate felt it was his duty to protect Boo Radley. Boo was protected by Heck Tate and Atticus.

Heck Tate and Atticus thought there was more justice in saying that Bob fell on his knife, instead of the truth, which was that Boo Radley killed him in defense of the kids. I think Tate feels like Bob deserved it, after about killing the kids. Thankfully, Boo Radley was there to save them. Tate also didn’t like the fact that Bob Ewell attacked Scout and Jem, two of the three of Atticus’s children.

They also did it to protect Jem. It would convince people that he didn’t do it. People thought Jem did it, but Boo was there protecting. People wouldn’t think too much of a man falling on his knife, instead of the thought of someone killing him. This would keep people from thinking Jem killed him. This cover-up protected Jem from being accused of killing a man.

Heck Tate and Atticus protected Boo Radley and Jem, Atticus’s son. They hid the truth about Bob Ewell’s death to help them out. Boo didn’t deserve to be on trial. Being so shy, he would be incredibly scared and intimidated. It was an understandable death that people wouldn’t question as much as they would if they said it was a person, just like Boo or Jem. Heck Tate and Atticus provided protection for Boo and Jem, along with the thought they made the choice that gave more justice for Bob Ewell. They were looking out for others in their actions during the trial.

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It was good except that you said Boo Radly was a black man. He was white


i read the book

It looks great. Boo Radley is white, not black. otherwise it looks like you'll get an A+!