To Kill a Mockingbird

does Scout use antipathy?

does scout use antipathy?

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A hatred or dislike. Though Scout uses antipathy, she needs to stop getting into fights at school and cause trouble at home.


To Kill a Mockingbird

Antipathy describes somebody hating another person for something they've done. It's quite brutal. Anyways, Bob Ewell is a mentally antipathinal person. Tom Robinson is also a antipathinal person too.

Tom Robinson beat the living daylights out of Mayella Ewell at the Ewells' house.

Maybe. We ain't knowing for sure.

yes, she does

Really? This isn't how we behave with you know.

Tom didn't do it. It really was Bob, Mayella's dad, so he blamed the rape on poor tom, who was just passing by the ewell's place. tom was killed at the courtq