To Kill a Mockingbird

Does Alexandra have any motivations for visiting that differ from Atticus’? Explain.

Chapters 13-14

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Yes, Alexandra does have differing motives. Atticus feels that having Alexandra stay with the children will give them a woman's touch and will help while he has to put so many hours in preparing for the trial. Alexandra's main intention is to provide them with information about their family and to school them about the things she believes to be most important;

“Your aunt has asked me to try and impress upon you and Jean Louise that you

are not from run-of-the-mill people, that you are the product of several generations’ gentle breeding—” Atticus paused, watching me locate an elusive redbug on my leg. “Gentle breeding,” he continued, when I had found and scratched it, “and that you should try to live up to your name—” Atticus persevered in spite of us: “She asked me to tell you you must try to behave like the little lady and gentleman that you are. She wants to talk to you about the family and what it’s meant to Maycomb County through the years, so you’ll have some idea of who you are, so you might be moved to behave accordingly,” he concluded at a gallop."


To Kill a Mockingbird