To Kill a Mockingbird

Discuss Scout's world of school. Bring in physical emotional and intellectual environment.


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I think this was asked once but here it is,

Scout is or eyes into all the worlds that you are referring to. Because Scout grows up in such an enlightened home (mostly because of Atticus) she is confused by many of the absurdities that she sees in her community. Scout learns to read much before any of her classmates. In her own precocious way, she thinks with other people in mind besides herself. From Miss. Carroline telling her to refrain from reading at home to the illusive Boo Radley to the tragic bigotry surrounding Tom Robinson, Scout takes in an often harsh and ignorant community. Still Scout is insulated from much of it because of her upbringing and temperament. Scout is a tom-boy, preferring to wear overalls rather than dresses. In her own way she stands up against the status-quo much like her father Atticus. Her intellect is stimulated by her father who gently lets her discover that right and wrong are concepts worth understanding and human values are worth fighting for.

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