To Kill a Mockingbird

Describe the three events that happen in Maycomb by the middle of October.

chapter 27
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One night, alone in his study, Judge Taylor finds the strange shadow of a prowler (Ewell) in his house and proceeds with his reading, but with a gun across his lap.

Helen Robinson has been working on the property of Mr. Link Deas, but walks nearly a mile out of her way in order to avoid walking past the Ewell's house, because they "chunk" at her when she passes by. When Mr. Link Deas finds out, he approaches the Ewell house and yells to them, warning them not to bother Helen, or else he'll have them put in jail.

It is nearly Halloween, and Mrs. Grace Merriweather writes a pageant for Maycomb people to perform about the history of the county. She wants children to play the parts of Maycomb's agricultural products, and Scout is assigned to play the part of the pork.