To Kill a Mockingbird

compare the novel with the movie identifying strengths, weakness of each which medium do you perfer and why

ie; which medium is most effective for portraying time place the crt room drama the climax and characther studies ?

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I remember going to a screening of the movie when I was in university in 1994. The movie adaptation was released in in 1962. The theatre at my university was full. It was and is that great of a movie. All the characters felt true to Harper Lee's intentions. I can't envision anyone but Gregory Peck doing Atticus Finch. Thankfully, I think that this is the reason that nobody has tried to re-make it. All the characters felt true to Harper Lee's intentions. That being said, it is difficult to say that the film is better than the novel. Film versions are seldom better than their written source material. The book stands on its own as one of the greater literary accomplishments in contemporary American Literature. Still, I think the movie serves as an excellent compendium to the novel. When I think of the book, I imagine the characters from the movie and it works! You can't say that for every movie adaptation.