To Kill a Mockingbird

Character development

Anybody done anything (summary) about character development on Scout, Jimm & Dill

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To write about character development, you need to discuss three things:

The character at the beginning of the novel. (Scout=naive and judgmental)

The forces that change the character. (Scout sees Walter C. and Boo R. in a new light)

The character at the end of the novel. (Scout = understanding and accepting)

What about the others? Jem and Dill how do their characters develop.

jem starts off petty but the what? and Dill?

Just follow the same format: character at the beginning, forces of change, character at end. Fill in the blanks with your own thoughts. What is Jem/Dill like at the beginning of the novel? What does he experience that changes him? What is he like at the end--how has he changed/developed?