To Kill a Mockingbird

Chapter questions.

Chapter 1

1) List all characters introduced and a few facts about each?

2) According to the neighbours legend, what were the circumstances that led to Boo Radley being kept in his house?

3)What is Ironic about the punishment of the " Cunningham gang"

4) Why do you think the author begins the novel the way she does? Do you think it's effective?

Chapter 2 &3

1. List and identity the new characters in these chapters.

2. What incident occurred at school that caused Scout's day to be such a disaster?

3. In what way has the day been a learning experience for Both Scout and Miss Fisher>

4. What does Atticus think about the Ewells? In what ways are they permitted to bend the law? why?

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2) Though the children have never seen him, rumors abound that he is over six feet tall, has rotten yellow teeth, popping eyes and a drool, and eats raw animals. Whenever strange things happen in the neighborhood, Boo is often blamed. Boo's story is an extension of the strange Radley family, who have always disregarded local custom by "keeping to themselves." Prior to his death, Mr. Radley, Boo's father, had only been seen on his daily trip to collect groceries from 11:30am-12pm, and the family worshipped together in their own home on Sundays. Their youngest son, Arthur, who the children call Boo, apparently mixed with "the wrong crowd," a gang of boys who were finally arrested and brought to court after driving an old car through the town square and locking Maycomb's beadle in an outhouse. Though the other boys were sent to industrial school for punishment, and ironically received excellent educations, Arthur Radley's family preferred to keep him hidden inside the home. After fifteen years living at home, the thirty-three-year-old Boo is rumored to have stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors and then quietly continued about his business of cutting out newspaper articles. Refusing to permit his son to be deemed insane or charged with criminal behavior, Mr. Radley allowed Boo to be locked up in the courthouse basement: "the sheriff hadn't the heart to put him in jail alongside Negroes". Boo was eventually brought back to the Radley home. After Mr. Radley's death, his older brother Nathan arrived to continue to watch over Boo and keep him inside and out of sight.

Please list youy questions separately.