To Kill a Mockingbird

chapter 25

1. Dill was present when Atticus tells Helen Robinson the news of her husband’s death. Summarize what happened.

3. Scout recalls what people in Maycomb had said after Tom’s death. What was general attitude of the townspeople?

4. To what did Mr. Underwood’s editorial compare Tom’s death?

5. What was Scout confused about when she read the editorial? What became clear to her upon later reflection?

6. What remark did Mr. Ewell make upon hearing of Tom’s death? What is the significance of the remark?

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Dill described the children to Scout, what they looked like..... the little girl's pigtails, the game of marbles the children were playing when they arrived. He also talked about how Helen Robinson collapsed into the dirt upon hearing of her husband's death.... how Atticus and Calpurnia helped her up and into the house. Dill noted that Atticus spent a long time in the house, and that he came out of the house alone. His last comment was to inform Scout that the Ewell children had yelled at the car when they passed...... but that he hadn't heard what they said.


To Kill a Mockingbird