To Kill a Mockingbird

chapter 23

1. We learn that Mr. Ewell had actually threatened to kill Atticus. How does Atticus take the threat?

2. Alexandra disagrees with Atticus about the threat. Why? Should Atticus take the threat more seriously?

3. If Tom is found guilty on appeal, what will his punishment be? Why?

4. According to Atticus, what are three reasons why many Maycomb citizens do not want to serve on a jury?

5. When Scout learns about the Cunningham juror, what does she say she will do as soon as school starts? What is Aunt Alexandra’s response?

6. Scout explains to Jem what Aunt Alexandra said that caused her to cry. What was it that upset her most?

7. How does Jem describe the social hierarchy in Maycomb?

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1) Atticus is unconcerned about Mr. Ewell's threat, and tells his worried children that Mr. Ewell, who has been publicly discredited by the trial, just needs to feel like he is retaliating against someone, and better it be Atticus than the Ewell children.

2) Aunt Alexandra disagrees, as is evident in her response.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Atticus,” she said. “His kind’d do anything to pay off a grudge. You know how those people are.”

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To Kill a Mockingbird