To Kill a Mockingbird

Can somebody please help me with this essay?

You are Scout. Ten years have passed since you met Arthur "Boo" Radley,face-to-face. Now, you are applying to colleges and you have to write a letter to the University of Alabama admissions department to persuade U of A to accept you into its pre-law program. In your letter, you must answer the following prompt:

Why should U of A accept you? Look back over your life. What makes you different than the other students who want to be in our program? What lesson or lessons have you learned in your life that makes you stronger or more mature than others?


*people who taught you things that caused you to change and what they taught you

*experiences that les you to change and how the affected you

*how your life lessons and changed make you the best candidite for U of A pre-law Program


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People---certainly Atticus, whose model as an attorney would give Jean Louise first-hand knowledge of the work.