To Kill a Mockingbird

bob and Mayella ewells testimony and Tom Robinsons testimony

i need help with my project for "to kill a mockingbird" and i need help with these testimonies plz

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What do you need to know about them? Bob Ewell's testimony is brash and inconsitent. He wears his ignorance and bigotry like a badge of honor. He tries to hide his own guilt behind his racist fabrication of events. Mayella is essentially a scared victim. She is scared of the court and scared of her father.

The premise of Mayella's testimony is that when she asked Tom to "bust up" her chiffarobe, Tom came in and attacked her. It doesn't seem to matter that Tom had only one working hand. Mayella claims that her life is okay but it is clear to see the truth. She is nervous and fidgety. Finally Atticus is able to rattle Mayella with the truth that it was her father that beat her and not Tom,

It’s an easy question, Miss Mayella, so I’ll try again. Do you remember him beating you about the face?” Atticus’s voice had lost its comfortableness; he was speaking in his arid, detached professional voice. “Do you remember him beating you about the face?”

“No, I don’t recollect if he hit me. I mean yes I do, he hit me.”

“Was your last sentence your answer?” (chapter 18)