To Kill a Mockingbird

best and worst behaviour of characters

Hi i have an essay i need to write and the topic is: "To Kill A Mockingbird shows us the best and worst of people's behaviour and beliefs."

Please i urgently need at least one good point each about:

-Racism - need 1 point at least

-Understanding - need 1 point at least

-Hypocrisy, ignorance - need 1 point at least

-Compassion, gentleness - need 1 point at least

Thankyou so much and please gove any good points...even if you don't think that they're very good.

Thanks in advance!


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racism--Cecil is racist (teases Scout), Atticus is not (defends Tom)

understanding--Maudie is understanding (talks to kids about Arthur), Mrs. Merriweather is not (rude at Finch home)

hypocrisy--Miss Gates is one ("loves" Jews but ugly about blacks), Atticus is not ("same in house as on public streets)

ignorance--Mayella is ignorant (uneducated, tempts Tom), Alexandra is not (still judgmental, but intelligent)

compassion--Jem learns compassion (for Mrs. Dubose), Rachel does not (gossips about Arthur, never understands Dill)

gentleness--Arthur is gentle (helps the children), Bob Ewell is not (violent to kids, both his own and the Finch children)

Gentleness -- Boo Radley takes care of the children, and loves them even though he never goes near them and is mentally challenged/ill. He protects them and thinks of them as his own children just because of his human compassion.

The children/townspeople are afraid of Boo, and tell stories about him, which speaks to their ignorance. They think he must be dangerous because they do not understand him. It turns out that he is the most gentle, compassionate man in the town.