To Kill a Mockingbird

atticus is unbelievable


Like is there just ONE UNSAVING GRACE OF HIS, or did he EVER ERRED?

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If Atticus errs in any way, it is in his optimism. He says there will be an appeal, and he seems to have hope that he can win it . . . more hope, in fact, than Tom has, since Tom tries a more drastic approach to getting out of jail.

I also think he could have had a word with Miss Caroline about Scout's reading ability. Scout did not deserve to be punished for reading. Since Miss Caroline is a new teacher, Atticus could have telephoned her to explain that Scout is advanced and might be a help to other students. Then again, maybe he did do this, but since the story is written from Scout's point of view, she would not have known this and hence could not tell the reader about it.

Yes, it's hard to find an unsavory element of Atticus. I happen to believe he is one THE most admirable characters in all American literature.

Atticus, when you say that Atticus is unbelievable, do you mean that he is not a credible character? That Harper Lee made him "too good"? I don't think so. He is a highly moral and ethical man who deserves the respect of his children and his community. Lee shows him in contrast to gossips like Stephanie Crawford, pukes like Bob Ewell, judgmental parents like the Cecil's mom and dad and like Alexandra, and hypocrites like Dolphus Raymond--who likes blacks fine but is unwilling to take the "heat" for it and pretends to be drunk.