To Kill a Mockingbird

Although critized openly, Atticus is respected throughout the town of Maycomb. Why is this true?

Can we discuss this?....

Atticus is critized openly only when he takes up the trial and when Mrs Dubose talks bad stuff about him, but actually why do they criticise him - cause they're jealous or ...envious?

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People support his actions and respect his courage. They just don't have their own courage to speak up for justice. Atticus's views towards the blacks in the community are not socially acceptable, however, so people criticize him for these "bad" attitudes or risk being lumped in with him themselves.

Atticus defending Tom Robinson was unacceptable in the town of Maycomb.

People respected him because he stood up for what he believed was right.

He believed that the court was the only place what provided equal justice but it didn't. He had real courage to do something that other people were scared of

j s is right. Many people agree with Atticus's views but are afraid to speak up. So they are quiet amid the loud criticism--or may even join in the criticism, to avoid being unpopular. But inside they respect Atticus and vote him back into office.

It takes more courage to be unpopular than to face a rabid dog.

Atticus wasn't scared to defend tom Robinson cause he wasn't scared like everybody else was. he standed up & believed was right so people agreed with him but just kept it to there self most people was jealous of Atticus .,

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