To Kill a Mockingbird

A symbol in literature refers to a tangible object that represents an abstract idea. Dicuss the symbolism behind Mrs. Dubose camellias, the mockingbird, the turtle, the mob, the Bible and "fine folks

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Mrs. Dubose Flowers- THey are a reflection of her lost youth. They are what she is most proud of.

Mockingbird- The bird only brings joy by singing. The bird is also fragile and often hurt by people who don't know any better. Both Tom Robinson and Boo Radley also bring joy but are so easily destroyed by ignorance.

The mob- The ignorance of bigotry and hate.

The Bible- A "good book" that can also be twisted by mans' interpretations like Miss. Marriweather's Lady's Bible study.

Fine Folks- People of supposed "high class" that looked down on others.

Turtles- Jem's treatment of the turtle by coaxing it out with a match, is simlar to their treatment of Boo Radley. They try to coax him out like some kind of creature instead of realizing that he has feelings.

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