To Kill a Mockingbird

5 questions need help!

1) in what sentence does the first narrative transition take place? list two reasons for your choice.

2) what type of transition is the first narrative transition?

3) at what point does the second transition take place?

4) who is the subject of this excerpt?

5) list three characteristics of this person. support each characteristic with a reference to details in this excerpt.

the hunchback was already osrting them out, in his mind. once comfortably settled he began to chat with everyone, asking questions such as if a man was married, how old he was, how much his wages came to in an average week, et cetera--picking his way along inquiries which were downright intimate. soon the group was joined by others in the town, Henry Macy, idlers who had sensed something extraordinary, women come to fetch their men who lingered on, and even one loose towhead quietly. so the premises of Miss Amelia were soon crowded, and she herseld had not yet opened her office.

There is a type of person who has a quality about him that sets him apart from other and more ordinary human beings. such a person has an instinct usually found only in small children, an instict to establish immidiate and vital contact between him and all things in the world. certainly the hunchback was of this type. he had only been in the store half an hour before an immidiate contact had been established himself and each other indivisual. it was though he had lived in the town for years, was a well known character.

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The hunchback is the subject; he can be described as curious and inquisitive (many questions), friendly (children are drawn to him), observant (he had sorted people out before speaking to any of them), and likable (people immediately felt they had known him for years.