To Kill a Mockingbird

3 lines describing Ewell's House (Chapter number please)

Chapter number please

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"Maycomb’s Ewells lived behind the town garbage dump in what was once a Negro cabin."

"The cabin’s plank walls were supplemented with sheets of corrugated iron, its roof shingled with tin cans hammered flat, so only its general shape suggested its original design: square, with four tiny rooms opening onto a shotgun hall, the cabin rested uneasily upon four irregular lumps of limestone. Its windows were merely open spaces in the walls, which in the summertime were covered with greasy strips of cheesecloth to keep out the varmints that feasted on Maycomb’s refuse."

"The varmints had a lean time of it, for the Ewells gave the dump a thorough

gleaning every day, and the fruits of their industry (those that were not eaten)

made the plot of ground around the cabin look like the playhouse of an insane

child: what passed for a fence was bits of tree-limbs, broomsticks and tool shafts, all tipped with rusty hammer-heads, snaggle-toothed rake heads, shovels, axes and grubbing hoes, held on with pieces of barbed wire."

All quotes from Chapter 17.....


To Kill a Mockingbird