To Build a Fire

why is the man unable to reach the camp?

he lacks the endurance to reach the camp?

he gets lost?

he trips and breaks his legs

the trail has been covered over by fresh snow

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Is this mulitple choice? because there are multiple answers fot this.........

Yes, he lacks the endurance to reach the camp, but that is due to the elements, and the way his body is affected by the cold. Normally, he'd have the endurance, so this question depends on what context you're asking it in.

No, he didn't get lost. But visibility was terrible, and he did end up "in the creek" while trying to follow its bed.

No, he doesn't break his leg.

yes, there is plenty of fresh snow, but covering of snow does not impede his trip. The snow itself causes some problems..... for example the falling snow that doused the fire.

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