To Build a Fire

Who can explain to me what a natrualist wirter does?

What does it mean?

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"To Build a Fire" is a prime example of the literary movement of naturalism. Naturalism was an offshoot of Charles Darwin's and Herbert Spencer's theories on evolution. Naturalists saw evolution as proof that the world is deterministic and that humans do not have free will. Since the evolutionary world is based on a series of links (each of which causes the next), any action humans make is not, as we might otherwise believe, a "first" step. Rather, the action has been caused by prior environmental, social, and biological factors beyond our individual control.


I really don't get it. Well... about 80% of my brain is manipulating your answer.

Simply put, man is at the mercy of nature. When he doesn't respect it or takes it for granted, nature can lay the "smackdown" on him. Other animals are much more in tune with nature and survive much better than man.

Okay. Thanks bro.