To Build a Fire

what are the examples of the ways that the enviroment helps and hurts humans and visa versa? And does this story bet demonstrate positive or negative human-enviroment interactions?

I believe that this story demonstrates a negative interaction but i have no explaination.

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Technically, the environment is completely out of the control of man, therefore, it is man's job to be aware of and study the environment to best complete any task he sets himself. The environment of the Yukon is well documented, and as well prepared as a man can be to traverse and confront this type of environment he will always be somewhat at the mercy of mather nature.

This story demonstrates negative interations because the man has not and does not prepare himself for this journey. He is not respectful of the nature he cannot control, and he ignores the advice of those far more experienced than he. He even ignores the sharper, more instinctive actions of his companion (the dog).


To Build A Fire