To Build a Fire

What are some how-tos and tips for living in winter in the Yukon?

I'm making a booklet for English. It's a survival guide for the Yukon Territory from the story.

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I don't live in the Yukon but I grew up close to it. Here are some of my handy tips!

-never travel alone!

-Don't expose skin to anything under -30 degrees c

-we have cell phones, G.P.S. now

-If this guy listened to his dog and camped with a fire, he would be alive.

-use snow shoes in the back country.

-ony travel by foot a short distance in those conditions.

What a great idea. This is one of my favorite short stories. First, you need a survival kit.......... matches, lighters, a definite spare set of clothing (somehow the changing might be difficult), a compass, extra food, forget the chewing tobacco, it makes the beard freeze.........A topical map, one you can see landmarks and forms on (wind and snow make everything else impossible). And last, a 'how to guide' from people who actually know what they're doing, and the forethought to listen to advice.

Are you just traveling through the Yukon or setting up house?

Below you'll find an article I published a few years ago after using this with my book club at school; it might give you a few extra ideas;