To Build a Fire

The author of this story was making some significant comments about the man and his relation with the elements. What was it?


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Jack London made his career writing about nature. Many of his themes had to do with respect for the elements. Nature plays very much a character in this story. In fact the man pales in significance that the author doesn't even give him a name. The man simply reacts to nature but not out of respect. He forges on despite her warnings to stop and make camp. The cold, potential frost-bite and unrelenting wind are not enough for the man to take heed. Even his dog, who is in tune with nature, tries to hold back. Eventually the man exhausts his opportunities listen to the elements and hold back. The man, in his arrogance, believes he can overcome whatever nature can through at him. He believes he can outrun the elements; unfortunately, for him, the elements never end.