To Build a Fire

How old is this "Man"?

What age?

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All we know for sure is that he is young, inexperienced, and a "greenhorn." He refuses to listen to the old timers.


"an inexperienced or immature person"


How's he immature? It doesn't say. My brother David asked this question.

What sources can we identify as this man?

1) Cruel

2) Immauture

3) Nice

4) Unexperienced

It may be all of the above. But not 1).

He is impulsive, which is a characteristic of immaturity and refuses to listen to the advice of those who have more experience, another characteristic of immaturity. I do not think I can call him nice - he was fine with the dog, but that was hardly "nice" the way I think of it. He does what many young people do - he thinks that the older people are old fogeys and that he knows more than the old guys. He is certainly inexperienced and does not know what is or is not good advice

But how?

How what? He leaves the safe environment and goes out on the trail. He spits in the air, sees that the spit freezes in the air, and does not have the good sense to stay where it is warm and safe. He falls through the water and is unable to really get his feet warm; he builds his fire with his last match under a tree that is loaded down with snow. That is how.

Oh, nothing.

Oh... never mind. What's the plot???