To Build a Fire

Conflicts in To Build a Fire

what are some examples of the following conflicts?

person vs. person

person vs. society (a person in a conflict with a grouup of which he or she is a member of a whole society)

one culture or group vs. another (a conflict between 2 members of 2 groups or cultures exist because of their differences)


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You're going to have a difficult time finding examples of all of these conflicts. The man is in conflict with himself, thus, the man conflict is man vs self. Our main character, our only character besides the dog, is prideful and too full of himself. The reason for his dilemma and ultimate death are his pride and refusal to take advice. He is quite simply.... a know it all. 

The other conflict in the story is man vs nature. The man is not equipped or knowledgeable enough to understand that he has no control when nature decides differently. 



To Build a Fire