Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Write a character sketch on HARISS

This ans is for 5m please answer it at least 6 points

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Harris is boastful person. He always creates a mess whenever he takes a job. He is fond of drinks. He also likes food and thinks that eating regularly keep the diseases in check. He is short-tempered and has bad manners. He thinks that he suffers from fits of giddiness. He loves to swim in the morning. He does not like to sleep outside at night. He has weak memory as get lost in maize and moody in nature. He loves to sing and think himself as a good singer but have bad voice. He always makes fool of himself by doing something strange. He is lazy by nature and wants other people to do the job. He has good physique. He likes to argue with Jerome and hates to watch George snoring. He doesn't care about the people around, is keen at his own decisions.