Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

What was the disagreement about after the steam launch went it's own direction?

from chapter 13 to 19

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I think this is where you are at,

Upon which we would get nervous and confused, and not know how to get the boat out of the way, and the people in the launch would crowd round and instruct us:

“Pull your right – you, you idiot! back with your left. No, not YOU – the other one – leave the lines alone, can’t you – now, both together. NOT THAT way. Oh, you – !”

Then they would lower a boat and come to our assistance; and, after quarter of an hour’s effort, would get us clean out of their way, so that they could go on; and we would thank them so much, and ask them to give us a tow. But they never would.