Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

What irritates the narrator more than anything else? what example does he give?


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I think that would be using paraffine oil to cook with. Although paraffin oil stoves are more common, they decide to bring a methylated spirit stove, remembering how the paraffin oil had oozed everywhere on a previous boat trip.




the thin that annoyed narrator more than anything was seeing people sittin and relaxin when he is working hard for himself and other.he doea not the the habit of others lollin on the couch and staring at him clearing the mess around .the ancedote about the man he used to live with vexed him till now .whenever jim started to clear the commotion around him would follw him like sheep wherever he went and commented that it felt good to se someone working around.moreover he didnt do anything instead of cocking his legs on the table and sayin that life is not an idle dream to be gaped and yawned through.but narrator was nothing like that ,if nothing he ateast used to supervise people who did the work .so it was really infuriati for him to see people starin at him while he was messing around.