Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

What happens when the three men go to look for water?

from chapter 13 to 19

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The man are looking for drinking water; the first man they ask directs them to the river behind them, later they get some fresh pump water from a cottage. On the way back down the river, the actually do take some water from the river to make their tea. Shortly after...... the see a dead dog floating down the river and begin to think about typhoid. They were sorry they'd had any.

Harris and I followed his gaze, and saw, coming down towards us on the sluggish current, a dog. It was one of the quietest and peacefullest dogs I have ever seen. I never met a dog who seemed more contented — more easy in its mind. It was floating dreamily on its back, with its four legs stuck up straight into the air. It was what I should call a full-bodied dog, with a well-developed chest. On he came, serene, dignified, and calm, until he was abreast of our boat, and there, among the rushes, he eased up, and settled down cosily for the evening.

George said he didn’t want any tea, and emptied his cup into the water. Harris did not feel thirsty, either, and followed suit. I had drunk half mine, but I wished I had not.

I asked George if he thought I was likely to have typhoid.

He said: “Oh, no;” he thought I had a very good chance indeed of escaping it. Anyhow, I should know in about a fortnight, whether I had or had not.


Three Men in a Boat