Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

The narrator and Harris refused to enter the two inns at Datchet on some flimsy grounds.What were the excuses they make?where did the men eventually spend the right were they comfortable?

chapter -12

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Jerome wanted to find a place with honneysuckle:

It was the Saturday before the August Bank Holiday. We were tired and hungry, we same three, and when we got to Datchet we took out the hamper, the two bags, and the rugs and coats, and such like things, and started off to look for diggings. We passed a very pretty little hotel, with clematis and creeper over the porch; but there was no honeysuckle about it, and, for some reason or other, I had got my mind fixed on honeysuckle, and I said:

"Oh, don't let's go in there! Let's go on a bit further, and see if there isn't one with honeysuckle over it."

They find that all the other places are full.