Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

The encounter of writer with three old men who were fishing?

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The three friends had spent quite a time in the boat in the silence of the surrounding nature. However it was when they approach human habitation the quiet spell was broken. They thought they are sailing into a strange land. But they realised that it was not a strange land but a place where there was a lot of traffic. In hurry the boat hit another boat with Three old men in it. At first they did not know what had happened but later they heard the old man swearing and cursing bad words and they looked and unhappy. They were knocked from their seats and were lying on the bottom of their boat. They were trying to stand up and pick up fishes the have colected. The shouted more unkind things. Harris called out to them that they need to thank them because something exciting has happened to them. He also told them that he was unhappy listening old people speak such bad words. But the three old men did not agree with them.


self written -Aryan Goyal