Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

describe the pleasures and problems related to campaign out in monsoons (ch-2)


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There is no mention of a monsoon in the text. Are you sure you've transposed this question correctly?

yea!! mam gave us this q only let me correct not campaign its 'camping'



In Chapter Two, the men discuss the difficulties of camping out in a rain storm.

"Camping out in rainy weather is not pleasant." (Chapter Two)

We then learn about the damage rain causes;

"You are wet through, and there is a good two inches of water in the boat, and all the things are damp."

"It (the tent) is soaked and heavy, and it flops about, and tumbles down

on you, and clings round your head and makes you mad."

"It is hopeless attempting to make a wood fire, so you light the methylated spirit stove, and crowd round that.

Rainwater is the chief article of diet at supper. The bread is two-thirds rainwater, the beefsteak-pie is exceedingly rich in it, and the jam, and the butter, and the salt, and the coffee have all combined with it to make soup.

After supper, you find your tobacco is damp, and you cannot smoke. Luckily you have a bottle of the stuff that cheers and inebriates, if taken in proper quantity, and this restores to you sufficient interest in life to induce you to go to bed."

"In the morning you are all three speechless, owing to having caught severe colds in the night; you also feel very quarrelsome, and you swear at each other in hoarse whispers during the whole of breakfast time."

It is in Chapter Two, the men decide that they will NOT camp out on rainy evening and will stay at an inn. Monsoons are never mentioned in the text.


Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

maybe moonsoon means sudden change in the weather resulting rain....and then the question ''problems camping out in rain'' ???



The problems of camping out in the rain are all listed above.

- putting up the tent

- wet food, wet useless firewood, wet tobacco

- getting sick from overnight exposure to the dampness caused by the rain

what are the pleasures camping out in rain?

by the way thank u

There were no pleasures, the narration is one of sarcasm.