Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

describe the 'nose' disturbing the photograph?

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He recalls another rowing trip he took with George to Hampton Court. A photographer was taking pictures of a steam-launch, and called out to George and J. to try to stay out of his photograph. People are calling for the men to watch the nose of their boat. Jerome thinks they are talking about the nose on someone's face. The whole situation ends with George and J. falling over and photographed lying in the boat with their feet in the air

who is he in this answer


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"I could not turn round to see what was the matter, and whose nose it was that was to be looked at. I stole a side-glance at George’s nose! It was all right – at all events, there was nothing wrong with it that could be altered. I squinted down at my own, and that seemed all that could be expected also." (chapter 18)