Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Describe the incident wehn Jim witnesses the nuisance of a fox terrier at Haymarket Stores

Three men in a boat

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The narrator recalls being in the lobby of the Haymarket Stores one day, and all round about him were dogs, waiting for the return of their owners, who were shopping inside,

"Then a sweet young lady entered, leading a meek-looking little fox-terrier, and left him, chained up there, between the bull-dog and the poodle....He looked at the bull-dog, sleeping dreamlessly on his right. He looked at the poodle, erect and haughty, on his left. Then, without a word of warning, without the shadow of a provocation, he bit that poodle's near fore-leg, and a yelp of agony rang through the quiet shades of that lobby."

The result was a massive dog fight.