Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Describe in your own words what is funny about Harris singing a song at a party


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The funny thing about Harris' singing is that he cannot sing, and it isn't funny.

"You have never heard Harris sing a comic song, or you would understand the service I had rendered to mankind. It is one of Harris’s fixed ideas that he can sing a comic song; the fixed idea, on the contrary, among those of Harris’s friends

who have heard him try, is that he can’t and never will be able to, and that he ought not to be allowed to try."


Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

hello Jill what kind of answers are you giving??


This question has been taken from the novel 'Three men in a boat' which is a travelogue of three friends and a dog going on a boat trip.

Harris believes that he can sing comic songs but the people who have heard him sing would give a contradicting statement. Jerome shares an incident that once in a party, the host invited Harris to sing for the audiences' entertainment. little did she know that this would bring amusement for some anf irritation to some. The funny thing about Harris singing comic songs is that he claims to be singing a particular song but ends up mixing two songs. Before he realises what he has been singing, he has already argued with the pianist about the wrong notes he has been playing. Also, there is a long and profound argument between harris and one of his friends as to what is Harris really singing.