Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

According to the narrator what are the ways in which people lie about their fishing ?

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General lies without pluck.


Anybody can come in and say, "Oh, I caught fifteen dozen perch yesterday evening ; " or " Last Monday I landed a gudgeon, weighing eighteen pounds, and measuring three feet from the tip to the tail."

There is no art, no skill, required for that sort of thing. It shows pluck, but that is all.

Anglers tell lies by claiming they're not worth talking about....... because no one will believe them.


" Well, I had a haul on Tuesday evening that it’s not much good my telling anybody about."


"Oh ! why’s that ? " they ask.


" Because I don’t expect anybody would believe me if I did....."

And finally, lies of exaggeration.....


I knew a young man once, he was a most conscientious fellow, and, when he took to fly-fishing, he determined never to exaggerate his hauls by more than twenty-five per cent. " When I have caught forty fish," said he, "then I will tell people that I have caught fifty, and so on. But I will not lie any more than that, because it is sinful to lie."





Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)