Three Day Road

Xavier becomes increasily more distraught and angry at the war and Elijah. Desribe an example where this inner rage starts coming out of X.



Meeting with Breech


Fight with Elijah

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I would say the killing of Elijah is a pivotal point here. While Xavier has no thirst for the war or killing, Elijah is sick with the need for destruction. He is addicted to morphine and killing Germans. He scalps his kills as part of a twisted identity connection with his roots. Quite simply, Elijah has gone insane and Xavier can no longer handle the madness. He feels must put a stop to Elijah's demons, he must end his (Elijah's) life,

“You have gone mad. There is no coming back from where you’ve travelled.” I press down harder. Elijah’s eyes shine with tears. His face grows a dark red. He tries to whisper words to me but I know I cannot allow Elijah to speak them. I must finish this. I have become what you are Niska."