Things Fall Apart

Who is Okonkwo

Describe him.

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The main character in things fall apart he is the leader of his family.

okonkwo is the main or central tragic hero in Achebe's things fall apart.he is proud ,fearful ,ambitious and ill-tempered man.he is a husband to three wives namely Nwoye's mother, Ekwefi,and Ezinma's mother.He rules his family with iron hands.He was a man of nothing because his father left him nothing behind,he rather fed his mother and family at his tender age and feeding them means feeding his father too and he becomes a man with two titles.he was exiled 7 years for committing a female murder .He spends his exile life in his mother's homeland and finally returns to his land Umoufia with all his titles been lost.Also he was out of the nine masked egwugwu who ensure justice,peace and solidarity by settling disputes among their people.he finally hanged himself after killing one of the missionaries and realising that none of the Umoufia people was ready and willing to fight with him


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