Things Fall Apart

Who benefits from overturning of indigenous order? How did they do this?

As this relates to the disruption of African Society

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Of course the Colonial order benefits from overturning indigenous order. We see this in Joseph Conrad's 1899 landmark novella "Heart of Darkness" and we see it in this novel. In "Things fall Apart" it is the British who come in to exploit the region. Whether they want resources, slaves or just land colonial methods were largely the same. Overwhelming technological force was one way to gain control. Another way was the process of "divide and conquer". Making allies with specific tribes forced the indigenous people to turn on each other. The British felt that they had it down to a science. The District Commissioners offensively titled book, "The Pacification of the Primitive Tribes of the Lower Niger", is a perfect example of colonial disrespect and “action plan” for the indigenous peoples.