Things Fall Apart

What kind of justice does Okonkwo look for and is he succesful in his quest for justice?

Okonkwo tries to fight for his land to be left alone by the British but no one helps him because they don't care he at the end kills himself bcause he didn't find justice and has lost his son.

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Okonkwo wanted to be a great man in the Igbo tradition. By the end of the novel, Okonkwo merely wanted to hold onto a shred of dignity within his disintegrating Igbo culture. With the arrival of the white man and Christianity, THe way of life of the Igbo was radically changed. Land was taken and patriarchal heads of villages were stripped of their identity. Okonkwo was losing everything. He simply wanted a shred of what belonged to him. Under the Brits the power structure and even belief system of the Igbo had changed. Justice was no longer an Igbo concept; Okonkwo was lost.