Things Fall Apart

What is the effect when okonkwo beat ekwefi during the week of peace?

"Cause and Effect"

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After he beats his wife during the "week of peace," the priest demands that Okonkwo make a sacrifice for his sin. The priest demands that a nanny goat and a hen be sacrificed, and that he also pay a fine of one length of cloth and one hundred cowries (shells used as currency). Okonkwo truly repents for his sin and follows the priest’s orders.

Later, he goes hunting and responds to Ekwefi's snide comments by shooting at her, and later........ when it's time to wrestle her daughter brings him dinner. She's remembering that that's when they fell in love.


Things Fall Apart

Certainly the villagers hear her cries. The week of peace is an auspicious time and breaking these religious laws could bring the wrath of the Gods down on them all. It was not so much that Okonkwo beat a helpless woman than he broke a religious rule. THe people were shocked and angered.